Watch a webinar covering how to get started building sophisticated blockchain applications 

Suitable for both Enterprise developers as well as independent blockchain developers.

In this introductory level tutorial, Jason Weathersby and Russ Fustino will cover some of the basic building blocks and tools required to start building scalable decentralized applications (Dapps) using the Algorand blockchain.

Watch this one-hour webinar replay to learn

  • How easy it can be to start building decentralized solutions with Algorand including:
    • Crowdfunding
    • Asset tokenization
    • Supply chain management
    • Gaming applications
  • Basic blockchain features & capabilities such as:
    • Smart contracts
    • Assets
    • Transactions
    • Atomic Transfers
  • How to get started with command line tools, tutorials, solutions & additional developer resources such as SDKs & REST APIs
  • Benefits of Algorand Grant & Funding Opportunities & Ambassador programs




Speaker: Russ Fustino

Russ is Developer Advocate on Blockchain for Algorand and a Microsoft MVP reconnect in App Development. Russ is a former Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, as well as for Russ’ ToolShed, Xamarin, Raygun, Wowza & ComponentOne. Russ is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer software developer and author of the book “Azure and Xamarin Forms” published by Apress. He has a passion for conveying relevant, current, and future software development technologies and tools through live seminars, teaching, and internet video productions. Russ has enlightened, entertained and educated over 1 million developers in his career and is a recipient of the INETA Lifetime Achievement award and is the publisher of several apps including the endorsed Jethro Tull app. 



Speaker: Jason Weathersby

Jason has worked as a developer and evangelist for almost 20 years, primarily in open source projects. These projects cover areas such as analytical tools, big data systems, VR, Web Assembly, browsers and blockchain. He has authored a book on extending the BIRT analytics tool, written many technical articles, and spoken at many conferences across the world. Jason currently manages Developer Relations at Algorand.
Watch the Replay - Start Building Apps on Algorand


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